The Farm

The Sanna Antonello farm was born in 1994 when the Sanna family decided to come back to Italy after having lived for many years in Munich, Germany.

Francesco Sanna restructured the farm with the help of his wife Marija and his sons Antonello and Jerko.

At the beginning the Sanna family earn its living from agriculture and from the sale of milk of their sardinian sheep.

Over the years the farm has increased the number of sheep and also its hectares of arable land so that they created gradually an important chain that starts from the production of cereals and fodder used for feeding the animals, goes through milk production and cheese making, up to the direct sale of the product, guaranteed in its quality.

In fact, it was in 2010 that Antonello decided to start to produce cheese from sheep milk and from goat milk, studying and investing time and money.

Then he started to sell his product in the local farmer’s market, always supported by his wife Erika.

On April 2016 Antonello went to France to buy directly 40 Lacaune sheep to increase the production of milk and improve the quality.

Currently there are 150 Lacaune sheep, 70 Sardinian sheep and 30 goats.

The farm today is a small growing farm, where traditions and authenticity are respected but always keeping an eye to the future.




Podere Fiorenza, 84
56030 Lajatico (PI)
Phone: +39 0587 643323
Mobile: +39 349 8403145

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